6-9 guests: 10% off units of wrinkle relaxers
10+ guests: 15% off units of wrinkle relaxers
20% off all skincare products
$100 off Lip Filler vials & Microneedling treatments

Botox Parties

Book Juvly for an exclusive evening of education, entertainment, and amazing savings on wrinkle relaxers and fillers! Kick back and relax with your friends in the comfort of one of our locations while our staff provides refreshments. Or if you have 10 or more guests we can do it offsite!

One of our Master Providers will guide your group through a fun evening of education on Botox and fillers with the opportunity to receive treatments at discounted rates for you and your guests. Come to learn if it is your first time, or come for the savings and fun with your friends if you’re an injectable pro!

Perks of being a Botox Party Host

  • You earn $50 toward aesthetic treatments at Juvly for every person who comes to the party and purchases at least $200.
  • On average, 10 friends = FREE Botox for you.
  • A Juvly Master Provider does your party!
  • Your guests get to sample exclusive VIP Membership pricing!
  • You choose the location! Do you want your party to be at a Juvly location or maybe you’d rather have the party off-site? If you have 10 guests or more you can choose!

A few important things to know

  • In order to secure a party date each participant is required to pay a $200 deposit, the deposit will be applied towards the treatment at the party.
  • The host’s deposit is required immediately to book the party and a minimum of six deposits are required prior to being able to book the date.
  • After you (as the host) have set your party date with Juvly Aesthetics, have your guests go to the Eventbrite link, (provided by Juvly) purchase their ticket, and reserve their savings and spot!
  • As the host, you will be responsible for providing food, drinks, and decoration as you please. We highly encourage providing these for a fun, energetic experience.
  • Reach out to alexis.galligan@juvly.com to book your Botox party, and see our current lineup of events to find a Botox Party near you!

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