The Microblading Process Old


Written by Avery Samuels, Reviewed by Dr. Justin Harper, MD

Why get your brows microbladed?

Imagine waking up to beautiful brows that don’t need plucking, threading, waxing, and penciling! Clients who have never gotten a tattoo or aren’t crazy about needles are understandably wary about Microblading.

However, this is a fast and safe way to shape your brows so that your face is beautifully framed. The pigment is implanted into the skin using a handheld tool with ultra-thin needles, similar to a tattoo gun, but this tool applies very fine, feathery strokes that look like natural hairs.


Who is a good candidate?

Anyone is a good candidate for Microblading, whether you have full brows or no brows! We can even perform this procedure for clients who have alopecia. It’s a fantastic way to give someone with no hair left on their brows a nice, realistic look.


What should I expect from the procedure?

The Microblading procedure is actually very short, taking around 2 hours for total treatment. During the first 30 minutes of the appointment, you will be numbed with the highest strength of topical lidocaine available.

During this time, you and the Brow Artist will pick your brow color out together, ensuring that the color used closely matches your natural hair so the final result is as realistic as possible. The Artist will then shape, sketch on, and style your brows.

Our Juvly Brow Artists know each brow is different for every client, and we can make them as bushy or as thin as you would like. Once you are satisfied with the choices, we begin Microblading!


Does it hurt?

The treatment has minimal discomfort or downtime. On a scale of 1-10, most clients say they experience a 4-5 on discomfort, but some even say they experience no pain at all! Most clients even go back to work right after their procedure.

It is important during the first 24-48 hours to not get your brows wet, and apply the ointment recommended by your brow artist. This is crucial in the first stages of healing your brows and ensures the pigment is retained.


Is there any downtime?

There is minimal swelling and redness, but you will go through a 4 week healing process before your Microblading Perfection Session – this is a touch up session 4-6 weeks after your original procedure. It’s necessary and included with the cost of your procedure, because we know that everyone heals differently and the outcomes of this treatment vary. During this session, we refine your brows to ensure they look perfect and retain their color!


What is the healing process like?

The healing process for Microblading is probably one of the most interesting for any of our aesthetic services – it is best compared to a caterpillar emerging from the cocoon into a beautiful butterfly! How your brows look immediately after your Microblading procedure will give you a great idea of what your final product will look like.

Over the next few days, you may notice that the color looks dark or the brow strokes look harsh, but this is just the pigment is settling into your skin. 5-7 days after your procedure, the brows will start to scab and fall off.

It is best to not pick at the scabbing and let this process happen naturally, although it will be a bit itchy! You can apply ointment as needed to the area to help lessen the discomfort.

When your scabbing has subsided, the pigment will have faded around the 8-10 day mark and your brows will be looking much less dramatic. They might even be a bit too light for your taste now, but don’t worry! Around 14-28 days after your procedure, the pigment “reappears” and your new microbladed brows will be healing nicely and looking great.

During your initial procedure, certain areas may not pick up pigment and need to be refilled. This is when you visit us for your perfection session! Your pigment color may need to be adjusted, and brow thickness or more strokes can be added. We will perfect your brows during this session and ensure you love them!


How long will my new brows last?

Most Microblading tattoos can last up to 3 years, with a regular touch up about once a year! Clients with oily skin types do not retain the pigment as well as those with drier skin types. Touch ups will be necessary down the road to keep up with the shape and color. This procedure is an amazing way to completely transform your face and ditch the brow routine.

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