How Much Do You Know About Celebrity Lip Shapes?


Written by Ali Waychoff, Reviewed by Dr. Justin Harper, MD

When it comes to fillers, however, it’s all about the shape you’re going for. A Pinterest board just filled with pictures of different celebrities whose lip-shape you might want to emulate once you get filler.

It’s a straightforward process when you can tell your provider right away that you want your lips to look like Angelina’s or Priyanka’s. So, where to begin?

Don’t get too overwhelmed too much just yet! The filler is as easy as counting 1,2,3. Continue reading more about the trending top nine celebrity lip types.

#1 – Angelina Jolie

She isn’t just famous for her role as Lara Croft – her iconic, pouty set of lips is widely seen as one of the actress’s distinguishing characteristics.

Defined by one-of-the best known and loved lip shapes — fullness on the top and bottom — Jolie’s pout has been one-to-pin for decades.


#2 – Scarlett Johansson

Miss Johansson has given Angelina Jolie a run for her money as the new owner of the most kissable lips in Hollywood!

Her natural pout has a plump upper and lower lip while being symmetrical all the way around — genetic lotto? We think so!


#3 – Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra, who has recently been in the news for marrying our favorite Jonas brother (Nick, duh!) in a double ceremony, is also known for having some kissable lips!

While her cupids’ bow isn’t the center-of-attention, the fullness she has on the top and bottom is what draws us in. Her top lip is slightly more full than her bottom, and it couldn’t look more beautiful!


#4 – Chris Evans

Captain America himself (at least that’s how Hollywood knows him), but to us, his lovely lips are the true attention-grabbers! When his face is not covered by his shield, it’s easy to see that full lower lip.

While his shape is complete at the bottom and smaller at the top, he has a prominent cupid’s bow that makes his mouth very kissable!


#5 – Winnie Harlow

Victoria’s Secret model Winnie Harlow not only has us doing a double take when she’s walking the runway but has everyone’s heads turning when she blows her kisses!

A pout with full plumpness on the bottom, a prominent cupid’s bow, and a full top lip send chills down our spines!


#6 – Sofia Vergara

Sofia’s lips are both proportional and wide — you go, girl! Sofia Vergara’s smile is uniquely hers. Not too big, not too small, but just right — Vergara is the Goldilocks of the lip game!


#7 – Will Smith

Yes, even guys have perfectly shaped lips — especially Will Smith! He has a proportionate top-to-bottom lip ratio, and they’re both super plump! Hey Mr. Smith, give us some of that, will ya?!


#8 – Taylor Swift

Cupid’s bow for days, a pouty bottom lip, and an equally proportionate top lip that fits her face perfectly! You can’t buy a cupid’s bow so you could say Taylor Swift was just born that way. With a pout that perfect, there won’t be any teardrops on her guitar!


#9 – Selena Gomez

The heart wants what it wants according to pop superstar Selena Gomez, and our hearts are swooning over her pouty lips. Other than being super full on both the top and bottom lip, her pout is widely known around the internet and makes her selfies the center-of-attention on the Gram!


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