My First Facial


Written by Ali Waychoff, Reviewed by Dr. Justin Harper, MD

So, you’ve taken the plunge and booked yourself a one-way ticket to radiant skin! If you’ve never had a facial before, the feeling of freeing your face from debris and dead skin might come with a bit of hesitancy.

You might have pending questions like, “What will they be doing?” “Do I have options?” “How will they know what to do for me or what I need?” And most importantly, “Will it be uncomfortable?” We’re here to put all those questions to rest while giving you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what goes on during a facial.

What To Expect

Facials are just like any beauty treatment — you’re excited about taking the next step to your skincare routine and ready to address all of those skin concerns you might be having. A facial has the power to hydrate your skin without any added makeup — we promise it’s not as crazy as it sounds!

Your facial appointment will begin with a short and sweet skin chat with an Aesthetician, during which your skin concerns are discussed and your goals are made clear. “We are more than happy to make a customized plan,” says Master Aesthetician Kelsey Anglin. This chat may cover concerns such as:

  1. What type of skin you have
  2. What products are recommended to you based on your skin
  3. What type of facial will be done and why
  4. What products you should be using at home

Our Aestheticians are formulating a facial tailored to you and your skincare needs, in order to ensure you get exactly what you’re wanting from your facial. “Being able to talk to my clients and make a plan that they are excited about doing to correct their skin concerns is one of my favorite things to do,” says Anglin.

After the facial, you should expect to feel freshness on your face now that your skin is able to breathe better. Once the top layer of skin, riddled with dead skin cells, yesterday’s makeup dustings, and debris from the air is removed, products that are included in your skincare regimen will penetrate into the skin appropriately and will make way for an overall better skin health.


What Do You Offer?

In addition to our Juvly Signature Facial, Deep Cleansing Acne Facial, and the Classic Hydration Facial, you may also pick any add-on feature if you’re wanting to dive a little deeper into the facial world.

Microdermabrasion, Dermaplane, or Chemical Peels are add-on services we offer to clients that want to target a little more than hydrating, massaging, or deep cleansing the pores. While they all have the same end goal — removing the top layer of dead skin, leaving your skin looking and feeling its best — these facials all have their own way of doing it.


Juvly Signature Facial

If you walk in having absolutely no idea what to get or what your skin needs, this is a great place to start. This signature facial is an all-over gentle cleanse that exfoliates the skin and gets rid of the top layer, making the skin appear brighter and smoother.

Extractions also play a big role in this facial – we dig a little deeper to pull out any dirt that may have gotten stuck in the skin. This facial ends with a relaxing massage and an anti-aging finishing mask accompanied by steaming. This facial is infused with hyaluronic and vitamin-rich serums, which adds the hydration you need while you relax and unwind.


Deep Cleansing Acne Facial

We all want to leave acne and any trace of it behind us for good, right? Juvly is here to help you! With this facial, we have tailored it to fit the specific needs and concerns of our acneic clients. If you’re dealing with pesky acne and clogged pores, we can help you out by treating you with this facial every 4-6 weeks while setting you up with a treatment plan to help rid your skin of acne for a clearer complexion. Be ready to say “bye-bye” to unwanted acne by experiencing this deep exfoliation, pore cleaning, and acne healing.


Juvly Classic Hydration Facial

Skin feeling a little dry and dehydrated? The Hydration Facial might be exactly what you need. Focused on the anti-aging process, this facial offers exfoliation followed by an anti-aging mask, and restores hydration with hyaluronic and vitamin rich serums for those seeking a little extra hydration in there skincare regimens.

We understand that all skin is different and everyone has their own unique concerns, so being able to offer a few additions to ensure all client’s skin goals are met is important to us. Let Juvly make it easy and offer up a few additions that have proven to be effective for all skin types.



If you’re looking to unclog those pores and renew your overall skin texture and tone, then say hello to your new best friend! Using a microdermabrasion tool, this service pulls impurities from the pores, leaving them open but cleaned out. If that wasn’t good enough this service softens the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and acne scarring. If you’re looking into a deep cleaning, and treat for your skin, you found it!



Dermaplaning makes the skin appear brighter and clearer by removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz for an overall smoother complexion. If needed, this facial also includes extractions to rid the face of any impurities — no clogged pores here!


Chemical Peels

If you’re looking for something that offers a bit more exfoliation, a Chemical Peel has you covered. These are a slightly harsher facial that is a chemical exfoliant treatment that takes away dullness in the face and makes it appear brighter and smoother. Whether you choose to have a PCA brand peel of Sensi, Ultra Forte, or Ultra, or a SkinMedica peel brand of Illuminize, Rejuvenize, or Revitalize, your worries of pigmentation and dark spots will be a thing of the past.


Post Facial Treatment Care

Although facials are a superficial treatment, it’s important to know a few rules of thumb to follow. You have a chance of being slightly red from extractions — don’t worry, this will go away within an hour or so. Don’t workout too hard after and refrain from putting on makeup for at least an hour to let your face breathe and to not trap in sweat or clog pores while they’re open.

“Lifestyle can affect this,” says Master Aesthetician Morgan Howard. “A healthy lifestyle can definitely help to keep clear, smooth, and balanced skin. Be sure you are hydrated and consistent with changing your pillowcases to keep away any floating debris and dead skin cells prior to your facial. And, also follow up with a topical skin care regimen recommended by your Master Aesthetician.”


Facials are typically seen as a special occasion of a “treat yourself” moment. But we strongly believe that a facial can be a recurring staple of your self-care routine (and it’s affordable thanks to the Juvly Membership). Be sure you are practicing a healthy lifestyle and skincare routine at home while pairing it with services from us.

“It’s a team effort — it’s 80 percent at home and 20 percent here,” explains Howard. “Clients are coming in every 4-6 weeks, so what they are doing at home is just as important as what we are doing here.”

You only look as good as you feel. Taking care of your skin and having a strong skin care routine at home is just as important as befriending Juvly to help keep your skin care goals on track. If you have any additional questions or have no idea where to start on your skin care journey, let us help!

You can schedule a free consultation with us at your preferred Juvly location to come up with a treatment plan of facials that would work well for your skin care goals. To book your first or next facial, visit us here.

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