Stacie’s PRP Microneedling Experience


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The article is a PRP Microneedling experience by one of our clients, named Stacie. It also elaborates more on what skin type she has, what was her problem, how Juvly Aesthetics helped her with various non-surgical in house treatments. Overall describing an overall experience.

Her Background

  • 35 year old. No children, non-smoker, overall good health.
  • Skin type: Fitzpatrick 1-2, dehydrated and oily thick sebaceous sensitive skin.
  • Concerns: Large pores and “orange peel” texture to the skin, acne, wrinkles, sun damage, skin laxity (particularly in lower one-third of the face, neck, and chest).

The Assessment

  • Good skin care routine, proper use of preventative and corrective skin care, regular uses of facials
  • Use of supplements: biotin, collagen powder and pills
  • Utilized standard microneedling only on chest four times
  • A mixture of standard PRP and Silk for face and neck six times

Note: Utilized Sculptra for collagen induction for face, Dysport and Kybella for jowls in addition to skincare


Her problem was…

  • Solve for skin quality and texture.
  • Address skin laxity due to age and weight loss journey (-30 lbs).
  • Acute treatment for retinoid burns on the neck, leaving the loss of elasticity and burns on the chest from IPL years ago.

The overall aesthetic goal was smoother skin with more elasticity and collagen for a natural look.

Her microneedling experience

(results are subjective)

  • Definite improvement in skin tissue tone and texture – minimal texture from pores, increased glow and overall “resurfaced” look. PRP and Silk helped with growth factors, hydration, and density.
  • The procedure was minimally invasive – could carry on with my routine after 24 hours.
  • Cumulative results will show over time and dependent on age and diet. People will see the results like a nice chemical peel initially, but because the skin takes 2-3 weeks to create collagen and melanocytes are so far in the skin, it does take time. I would say I saw very noticeable results after my 3rd treatment.
  • Better clarity from sun damage, IPL burn on chest reduced by 30%
    • In addition to muscle-building exercise, I’m most impressed with maintained elasticity for chest and breast tissue: reduction of 2-3 bra sizes and minimal diminished quality in lift or density.
    • Improved elasticity.
  • The decrease in weight plus improved elasticity or collagen in neck greatly increased the look of neck bands, and wrinkles by 40%. The texture is less noticeable, lines less noticeable.
  • I get compliments ALL THE TIME on my skin – people saying things like “skin goals,” the woman at Sephora telling me I have the skin everyone in the store wants, and people stopping me on the street to ask me what I do.

    As a person who has traditionally had acne and freckled skin, this is a huge compliment. I had a good skincare routine before, but microneedling took it to the next level!

  • With the loss of overall fat volume, skin elasticity remained intact and improved. Sculptra assisted with the overall maintenance of collagen in key areas and Kybella used for residual fat pads in jowls.
  • I am a makeup minimalist and definitely a “skin first” person. Because of acne issues and personal preference, I don’t like to wear makeup. Microneedling has allowed me to feel great about my skin even without foundation.

    Even on my “glam” days, all I use is a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. No pore-filling primers, concealers, nothing.

The Bottom Line

Microneedling is an essential treatment for anyone looking to correct or prevent skin elasticity and texture issues. I have had great results with my face and chest and will continue it quarterly (because I have problematic yet thick skin).

Given my weight loss, I am also going to start to address my underarms, stomach, back (by bra fat) butt and thighs. I truly look at this like overall maintenance.

Those who are younger will see the glow and acne benefit. Collagen decreases by 2% after we hit 30, so this would be a good thing for those to start for maintenance at that time.

It is also a great pair with CoolSculpting, B12 or Kybella since the skin needs elasticity to bounce back after a loss.

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