New and Improved Microneedling!

Written by Avery Samuels, Reviewed by Dr. Justin Harper, MD

We cannot stop recommending Microneedling to our clients! Because it works! This is one of our favorite skin transforming services, and we’ve recently made this service even BETTER by upgrading our Microneedling Treatment Packages! Now is your chance to try it out!

We’ve upgraded our technology and products to bring you the best possible version of every service we offer. What we used to call Upgraded Microneedling (using the Blue SkinPen Precision), will now become the new STANDARD Microneedling! The Blue SkinPen Precision is the most advanced FDA approved microneedling pen on the market.

Not only did we upgrade the Standard Microneedling service, we’ve also revamped our NEW Upgraded Microneedling package! In addition to using the Blue SkinPen Precision device, the upgraded package will include an application of medical grade repair serum (Sente Dermal Repair Cream) to help you heal even faster and provide you with less downtime! Afterwards, a cucumber calming mask treatment is applied to help speed healing and reduce redness.

Have to go right back to work? We can apply Oxygenetics mineral makeup so you could resume your daily activities! Oxygenetix Foundation contains ingredients that promotes new skin cell production and healing following aesthetic procedures or skin problems – completely safe and healthy post any procedure! Ask your provider or aesthetician about it! Our Upgraded Microneedling treatment would be considered the step “in-between” Standard Microneedling and our Microneedling with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)!

Our Microneedling with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) package is considered the ultimate skin transforming spa treatment. For this treatment, a small amount of blood is drawn from you. It is then placed into a centrifuge and spun at a very high speed to isolate the growth factors in your blood. The PRP is then applied topically to the skin while the treatment is being done! Platelet Rich Plasma is a concentration of platelets in the blood that are crucial to the healing of wounds. When PRP is placed into the skin during our microneedling, it initiates a localized stem cell response. Over the weeks and months following treatment, this stem cell response recruits collagen-producing cells to heal tissue that has been damaged or lost through the aging process with healthy skin that looks refreshed and rejuvenated! Several studies have compared the effects of microneedling with and without the application of PRP, and the results are clear. One session of Microneedling with PRP will get you similar results as a couple of sessions of Microneedling with out PRP, so it’s just a matter of how quickly you want to see results and how much time you’re willing to invest in the treatment!

Regardless of which version you try, microneedling is AMAZING for improving skin texture and firmness, fine lines and wrinkles, and fine lines around the eyes. This treatment has also been proven to provide a reduction in scarring, pore size, and stretch marks. Microneedling is well tolerated by clients with minimal downtime, and can be easily personalized by going deeper on some areas where skin damage requires a more aggressive approach. Even when your procedure includes no topical treatment, the rush of collagen and elastin to heal these microscopic wounds created by microneedling improves the skin’s appearance and reduces signs of aging, pore size, and acne scars. Usually, multiple treatments will be necessary for the best results with Microneedling. The number of sessions depends on your skin condition. Three or four treatments may be recommended for mild to moderate acne scarring, whereas deeper scars and stretch marks may require upward of five treatments!

Deciding which treatments you need can be confusing, but we’re here to help. The Master Providers at Juvly provide no obligation, completely free consultations for all of our clients to create a custom treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals. We’d love to talk to you!

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