Winter Laser at Juvly: Start Your Skin Right

Written by Avery Samuels, Reviewed by Dr. Justin Harper, MD

Your journey to year-long beautiful skin logically begins in winter when you don’t fear the ravages of UVA and UVB rays. A closer look at Instagram selfies reveal wrinkles, slightly droopy lids, uneven skin tone, and a plethora of discolorations. Aside from injectables, we have little miracles at our disposal that can lift a frown, erase that tired look, and freshen skin – all during winter so we can look gorgeous in Spring!

At Juvly, we have the Cutera excel HR and the Lumenis M22-with ResurFX and IPL, futuristic looking lasers for hair reduction, photofacials, and skin refurfacing. Skittish about looking overly done? Relax, you can defy gravity and erase chronic sun damage – and still look natural.

“…In this day and age, looking fresh and vital is not just a matter of vanity but also professional survival.”

– Jancee Dunn, Vogue

Ready to Embrace the Natural Hairy You…Not!

A day ago, Gigi Hadid caused an uproar on the Internet by displaying unshaven armpits. If you aren’t as fearless or as confident as she is (like me), then Cutera Laser Hair Reduction is the way to go. Unlike laser machines of the past, the Cutera laser using the combined strength of high-power 755 nm Alexandrite laser and the long-pulse 1064 nm Nd:YAG, is safe and effective for all skin tones. Those who are tanned or have darker skin tones can now undergo the treatment without fear of getting burned. Cutera has wavelength (1064 nm and 755 nm), duration, and coolness settings that can be customized according to how coarse or fine hair is and skin color. Continuous Sapphire cooling also makes the experience more comfortable. However, the laser energy zones in on the melanin within the follicle so those with blond, red or predominantly gray hair can’t undergo the procedure.

At Juvly, nothing is taken for granted and professionals make sure that your aesthetic goals and expectations are realistically met. This begins with our free laser hair reduction consultation. Because hair has active and inactive phases, you can’t expect to target all follicles in one sitting. Laser hair reduction comes with complementary numbing and because of the amount of anesthesia used, the area to be done per treatment is limited.

Blemish-Free Soon!

Let’s face it – we can’t have spotless skin in an instant but, we can look forward to diminishing fine lines, redness, brown spots, and spidery veins with our newest laser, the Lumenis M22 with its two modules, ResurFx and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). All too often, we are in a rush to see immediate results and go for Botox and dermal fillers thinking that these would do the trick. In a majority of cases, this powerful combo takes years off your face – enough to make you smile when you accidentally see yourself in a mirror. But then again, that’s just literally ironing out wrinkles on old skin. When you want newer skin with the build-up of collagen from within, Scultra, PDP Threadlift, lasers and chemical peels are the best options to take. For those who don’t like the downtime of deeper peels, or aren’t targeting volume but aspiring suppleness and blemish reduction, the Lumenis M22 is the perfect choice.

So how do we use the Lumenis22 at Juvly? Photo Facials and Skin Resurfacing can now be done safely, effectively, and efficiently. You can now say good-bye to

– blotchiness,
– vascular discoloration,
– rosacea,
– sun damage (brown sun spots),
– broken blood vessels, and
– pigmented lesions.

It’s also indicated for acne control and fine lines. Let Sam Peck, who “been there and done that” share his experience and results!

You be the judge if Sam’s skin had reduced pore-size, became clearer, and more evenly-toned:

Watch the ResurFx and IPL in action:

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