7 Things To Know Before Getting Lip FIller

Written by Ali Waychoff, Reviewed by Dr. Justin Harper, MD

Thanks to the popularity of Kylie Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian clan, the demand for lip fillers has exploded over the past few years. Everybody wants to be able to say #IWokeUpLikeThis, even if Juvly giving us some outside help.

With that being said, there’s no denying that cosmetic treatments are rife in the beauty industry right now. At Juvly, we believe in enhancing your natural beauty, no matter what treatment you’re stopping by for.

So, if you’re in the market to enhance that sweet pout, you’re headed in the right direction! Just like any new treatment, though, you probably have some questions about lip filler. We’re here to answer those need-to-know’s before you decide to sign away for your new kisser!

First thing’s first — what exactly are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is used to plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and, in this case, plump and sculpt a perfect pout.

HA is a natural substance that’s found in the body and is resistant to degradation — meaning an HA-infused filler can stick around for longer periods in the skin. Since the HA filler takes several months to break down once inside the lip, you won’t need to worry about getting them filled for six months to a year, depending on your metabolic speed and how much filler you received.

What does the procedure entail?

If you have a ton of questions, we get it. In fact, we hope you do, because it’s always good to ask questions ahead of time before the procedure begins. That’s why Juvly allows clients to book a free consultation to chat with their provider about their lip filler treatment. Once you feel confident you’ve asked all the questions about your new pout, it’s go time!

We will numb your lips with topical lidocaine or a dental block to be sure you don’t feel much. After letting the lips numb for 10-15 minutes, our providers will remove the lidocaine, mark where your injections will be placed to create your perfect pout, and start your treatment.

Lip filler treatments do not exceed more than one syringe. While you have the option to use a half syringe for touch-ups, slight volume, or a bit to pop in the lips for more structure, one syringe will build a foundation for your new lips beautifully.

Really, how big can I go?

It’s no secret we all want a perfect, pillowy pout, and it’s common to think that bigger mean better. But when it comes to filler, less is sometimes more — you don’t want to overdo it!
Consider searching Pinterest or Instagram to find a picture of lips that you want yours to look like. You can bring the picture to your Provider — it helps us make sure you’re getting exactly what you want!


The best lip augmentations look like lips you could have been born with. It’s important to remember that a small amount of filler for one person might be a lot of filler for another. The size of the lips and the amount of filler used is dependent on your desired results and facial structure. Our providers will formulate a plan tailored to your pout and what your lips can absorb.

You never want to go too big, but we understand you don’t want your hard work to go unnoticed!

Post-treatment: take it slow — you can always get more

After your treatment, it will take a couple of days for the swelling to go down. This is the stage where you will find yourself staring in the mirror and missing the swollenness of your lip filler.

Even though we only inject one syringe of filler into the lips at a time, it can seem like a lot for a lip filler newbie. Once you have established a foundation at your first lip filler treatment, you can advance to the next level of a second syringe six weeks after to build your desired look. Waiting at least 6 weeks allows the filler to settle and lip tissue to heal and expand. At the 6-month mark is when you can reassess if you are at your aesthetic goal or would like more volume.

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It’s important to take lip fillers slow. Juvly wants your friends to look at you and feel a little mystery. Have them thinking, “What did they do to their skin? It’s glowing.” “Something about them is different, I don’t know what.” All the while, you can sit back with your new lips, knowing they look like the ones you were born with, just touched up by Juvly!

Common side effects

Although fillers are considered a “lunchtime” procedure, it doesn’t mean it’s completely free from possible side effects.


The skin is being poked and prodded to create the shape you want — this leaves room for a little bleeding at the injection site, minimal bruising on or around the injection site, and a good amount of swelling.

Don’t worry, though! The bleeding will stop by the end of the treatment and the swelling and bruising goes down after 2-3 days.

We promise, you will look “normal” after! Just a little bit of swelling and a brand new pout.


No touchy! But really, we mean it. For the first three days, hands off. I know touching that new pout is probably the first thing you want to do, but we don’t want to move the filler around or cause more swelling.

Be sure to stay hydrated — drink your two liters a day — and don’t peel off any flakeyness you might have if your lips go dry. If you’re a smoker, refrain from smoking for three days post-treatment.

If you’re thinking about filling your lips, taking the plunge doesn’t have to be a scary thought — it’s an exciting one! Enhance those beautiful lips and turn them into a soft pillowy pout that you just can’t get enough of.

What’s the cost?

The million dollar question — for good reason, we understand. The amount you spend on your lip filler is dependent upon a few things such as:

  • Face size and shape
  • How big you want your lips to be and how much room you have to work with
  • Your budget

Once that is figured out after your consult with our Providers, it’s time to talk about the cost of each filler, and why the one you choose is your best option. Each filler does the same thing — adds volume where there was a loss of it and creates structure — but have a pretty wide range in cost. Each filler costs anywhere between $450—$800.

These prices also look great when paired with the Juvly membership, which gives you $100 off all filler. To find out more about the membership and more ways to save.

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