Natural Beauty — sharing a viewpoint of what it means to have natural beauty with filler and not be “overdone.”

Written by Ali Waychoff, Reviewed by Dr. Justin Harper, MD

Some of us hit the genetic lottery and were born with full cheeks, smooth skin, perfect chin, or plump lips. Others need a little bit of help — luckily, our master providers at Juvly can use dermal fillers to coax your natural features into looking their absolute best.

We all want to say #iwokeuplikethis and Juvly wants you to, too! With dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers, and spa treatments such as facials and microneedlings, it’s easy to obtain that natural, effortless, and subtle look that will have everyone around you wondering what you’re doing to have such glowing skin.

What exactly is “filler?”

First thing’s first, dermal fillers aren’t going to freeze your face and prevent you from making everyday facial expressions. In fact, dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin.

Fillers can be used just about anywhere on the body to obtain natural results and restore volume loss in locations such as:

  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Temples
  • Hands
  • Lips
  • Jaw line
  • Buttocks
  • Nose

Juvly uses dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Sculptra— this is not a filler it is a collagen stimulator, and Restylane to create smooth skin, lift where there has been volume loss, and plump for a more youthful and rested look.
So Juvederm and voluma aren’t fillers, they are brands. I would say something along the lines that we have many options of fillers that our master providers will work with you to decide what is right for you and your aesthetic goals.

Filler is invisible

Since filler is made from hyaluronic acid it will look natural and seamless. Fillers can be so subtle that instead of people seeing filler or asking where you got your lips done, they will say things like, “Wow, your skin is glowing!” or “I never noticed your eyes were blue, they are so beautiful!” or even “You look so great, what have you been doing? Exercising more? More sleep?”

Fillers can enhance your natural beauty or help restore what has been lost.

can really do it all, if we’re being honest. We’re seeing an increase in younger generations , ( not fillers) using fillers in their cheeks, lips, chins, temples, and buttock

You will often hear people say, “But you’re so young, you don’t need all that stuff.” While the fact that you may not need it is debatable, it can be used as a preventative measure to stop volume loss from happening so that you can age gracefully while enhancing your unique and effortless natural beauty.

We’re all going to age — ! However, with dermal fillers, Juvly can plump the skin to keep that youthful glow intact and restore volume loss as we start our aging process. After 25, the body begins to break down collagen and elastin fibers and slowly loses volume. We, at Juvly do not want you to wake up one day and not look or feel like yourself. Instead, we want you to be proud of your age and how smooth, plump, and vibrant your skin is when you look in the mirror.

Katie Lips 001 04022019

Being able to tackle volume loss at any age will restore and enhance your natural beauty without feeling overdone or expressionless!

Different fillers do different things

Some fillers are firmer than others and work to create a foundation to build on. Others are softer and, well suited for placing in the lips to create a pillowy effect that’s smooth and plump, rather than in the cheeks which we want to be slightly more defined and not so soft.

In the end, it’s important to discuss the results that you are trying to achieve with your master provider who can help choose a filler that will work best based upon your face shape, determine how much filler you may need, and how much space is available to work within the natural contours of your lips, cheeks, or chin.

Natural and rested or something else for the title. Most people need more filler than they expect

This is particularly true for fillers. Our Master Providers here at Juvly are completely honest when it comes to restoring volume loss and smoothing out heaviness in the lower face. . While we strive to make a treatment plan that is perfect for you and the results you want to achieve, we also know when your skin looks perfect and there’s no need for anything more.

When too much filler is added, the results are neither subtle nor natural-looking, and we don’t want that! When you’re injected with too much in one area, or go a little overboard all over the face, an unnatural-looking result is inevitable. We want to be sure that we are keeping your looks subtle and natural while focusing on the areas you want to treat.

Go slow

We can totally understand getting excited for your appointment and wanting to do everything in one sitting! But we might have to take it at a slower pace in order to create those natural-looking results you’re aiming for.

Lisa Refyne 001 JLyft mini (1)

Some get more than one syringe at a time and do it Juvly style — with a Jlyft!

Understand the cause of the issue and why you’re getting treated

Less is more when you still have youthful volume. On the other hand, when treating to restore volume loss and smooth out deep wrinkles it is important to keep in mind that you may need to treat multiple areas before seeing the results you want.

For example, if you try to fill areas that seem hollow without understanding the true source of the volume loss, you risk looking unnatural. Let’s say you’re wanting to treat those pesky under eye bags: if you go straight for the under eye filler without addressing the mid-face,such as the cheeks or temples, not only will you need more filler to achieve the results you want, but some of that filler can push the lower eyelid up, which will make the eyes look smaller — that’s a no-go!

It is essential to understand the balance and proportion of your face and to consult with one of our Master Providers about your aesthetic goals. If you’re contemplating fillers, take this as permission to check yourself out in the mirror a little longer each morning to see what you want to enhance. It is your face after all — it deserves a little research and TLC!

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