What Are Undereye Bags?


Written by Ali Waychoff, Reviewed by Dr. Justin Harper, MD

“You look tired, did you sleep enough last night?” “What’s wrong with your eyes? Did something happen?”

These are the questions you don’t want to hear on a first date. Even over wine, nobody wants a date’s attention to be drawn to his or her whispers under eye bags. There, I said it, and after this chat, they (undereye bags) can be something of the past!

Now let’s actually understand in plain English, what are under eye bags? Here it is…


Bags under eyes are the occurrence of mild swelling or puffiness which appear below the lower eyelids. Not necessarily do they appear because we age, it’s more about when the tissues and muscles supporting the eyelids weaken.

Basically, this is what happens — the standard fat that supports the eyes gets deposited into the lower eyelids. Thus causing the eye lids to appear puffy. At times, fluids may also accumulate in the same space, which then adds to the swelling.

When do these pop-up?

  • Undereye bags are something that might come up in conversation when allergy season hits.
  • When someone cried a few too many tears
  • When the alarm goes off, and you stumble into the mirror and notice you’re dragging not only a few yawns with you but a little baggage under your eyes as well
  • These bags can even come from smoking cigarettes, e-cigs, sun damage, and being dehydrated from a night out on the town

Under eye baggage may stem from a variety of things — but — what are they? What does it mean when these bags become noticeable?

Don’t freak out just yet, though. Under eye bags are simply mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes — they’re familiar and treatable.

Are they harmful?

While under eye bags might not be a sight for sore eyes — no pun intended — they are typically harmless little fat pockets. It’s rare to have harmful undereye bags.


As we age, the tissues around the eyes, including a few of the muscles supporting the eyelids, weaken. When this happens, it allows for the standard fat that helps support the eye to set up shop in the lower eyelids, making the lids appear puffy and swollen.

With that being said, why in the world would our bodies want to do this to our eyes? It seems like a betrayal — am I right?

If they’re NOT harmful, what are they caused from?

Sometimes, under eye bags can even be caused by genetics. You can develop them just because your mom or grandpa had under eye bags that they inherited from their mom or grandparents.

You can say you got it from your momma with this one!

Since the layer of skin under the eyes is so thin, it not only leaves room for the puffiness and swelling to invade, but it’s the most natural part of the face to display the effects of lost collagen and elasticity.

When this happens, the upper eyelid begins to sag, and dark circles and bags become much more noticeable to the naked eye. Ugh. Could these sound any worse?!

Just be sure to stay hydrated, moisturized, and aware of any genetic predisposition you might have to this condition when under eye bags chat is in the air! We don’t want you to be next!

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