Understand Undereye Bag Types Before You Regret


Written by Ali Waychoff, Reviewed by Dr. Justin Harper, MD

Under eye bags are always unwanted guests. They aren’t invited anywhere — not even as a plus one. But, when they show up, they really go all out.

Under eye bags might be seen as just one entity, but in reality, there are several different subtypes of under eye baggage that can pop up as we age, when we pulled an all-nighter, or even if we just have pesky allergies.

Continue reading to learn more about the different types and how you can differentiate between them.

Different under eye condition types, and how to recognize them.

Condition #1 – Under eye puffiness

We all know the most common one — the puffy one. While we generally refer to it as “under eye puffiness,” this is the one most of us know and hate. This is the type of under eye baggage characterized by a little touch of swelling on the eyelids and beneath the eye socket, making us look more tired than ever.

Even if you slept for eight hours, these little guys could pop a squat right beneath your eyes simply because you’re dehydrated or battling it out with allergy season.


How can you tell?

You know when you wake up in the morning in the spring, and your eyes are swollen shut and the only way to pry them open it with pliers? Okay, totally kidding, but you get the humor. That’s under eye puffiness.

It’s when the top of the eyelids and beneath the eyes are inflated and more prominent than usual.

The puffy eye usually goes away by the time the day is over and if it doesn’t, well, maybe you’ve moved onto the second type!

Condition #2 – Bagginess

There’s puffiness, and then there is bagginess. We’re all going to age — sorry! There’s no denying it.

However, as we age, our skin stretches and sags due to loss of muscle tone in the face. This allows fat to bunch up and form a small pocket underneath our eyes that look shadowed and wrinkly.

These are the true “under eye bags,” and while they are not on our guest list, they are not infectious.


How can you tell?

Under eye bags are those little fat pockets that are always there but, seem only to make their debut when you have an important event, cute pictures from a night out, or trying so hard not to look too tired for that 9 am meeting.

These pockets of aging fat don’t go away on their own — sorry, again! But the good thing is, they aren’t usually harmful, and they are treatable!

Condition #3 – Dark circles

If puffiness and bags weren’t bad enough, they decided to throw another one into the mix. Say hello to dark circles! I say this with full sarcasm — get out of here dark circles!

These circles not only make you look like you haven’t slept in days but show up as a black or blue color depending on your skin complexion. They may also give off a bruised appearance.


How can you tell?

If you’re noticing mild puffiness or look like you just haven’t slept in days, you guessed it — dark circles.

When you start to see a blue or black shade beginning to show up under your eyes, don’t freak too much just yet. These are only as treatable, especially with home remedies such as good old-fashioned sleep!

To wrap it up

Even though there aren’t thousands of different types of under eye bags, the few that exist can be annoying to deal with for the time being.

Keep in mind they aren’t usually harmful, and they are treatable!

So, use this as your excuse to hit the snooze button an extra time or two in the mornings — after all, it’s for your health!

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