Juvly Membership

Get the “Juvly Look” and access low prices when you become a Juvly Member

Save on every treatment – all year long! Juvly Membership benefits make feeling and looking your best an affordable reality.

  • 15% off on Botox and Dysport
  • 20% off on Laser Treatments
  • 20% off on Skincare Products
  • $100 off on Fillers, Sculptra, and Kybella
  • $100 off on CoolSculpting
  • $100 off on Microneedling
  • $500 off on JLyft
  • $500 off on Sculptra BBL


Per Month

Another convenient feature is how it works. All monthly dues are spendable, so you can choose how to spend it. Enjoy a monthly facial and peel, or save your membership dollars and use it towards Wrinkle Relaxers, CoolSculpting, and fillers. All treatments are at reduced pricing for one year from the date you join.


Extra Benefits

Special Discounts

Monthly Members-Only Exclusives

Special Events

Exclusive Membership Events

Payment Banking

Save Up To $600 For Services

Free Product Shipping

On Skincare Products




That’s right! Save your banked dollars up and use it on Botox, Kybella, lip fillers, and so much more before your bank caps out at six months!

Juvly Members can use their monthly service dollars each month towards any service OR bank it and save up for more enticing services.

Membership money is accrued on a rolling six-month basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a one-time Membership enrollment fee of $50.

You can start using your Membership Monthly Payments the day you join!

Spa services are taxed at time of service, so that if you use your Membership payments toward spa services, you would just need to pay tax at time of service. (In MN, a 2% MN Care Tax is added.)

Absolutely! You can use your Membership and your packages at all Juvly locations! It’s fully transferable and you can go back and forth between locations for no additional fee.

Terms and Conditions:

Your Membership begins the day you sign up and renews on that date each month. Member discounts and benefits renew on that date as well. For example, if you sign up on January 16th, 2019, you have until February 15th, 2019, to use your monthly payment benefit or you have the option to bank it and use it at a later date.

Great skin is a long-term investment. The minimum Membership term is 12 months. In order to cancel a Juvly Membership after the 12-month minimum term, a 90-day notice is required. To cancel a Membership before the 12-month term is complete, a $350 fee is applied. Our typical Member stays with us for several years to maximize physical and financial benefits.

For complete membership description, click here.

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