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JLyft Non-Surgical Facelift

Facial Aging
As we grow older, our faces begin to reflect the dynamic and progressive effects of time and gravity. This process can begin as early as our 20s. Skin elasticity decreases, bone resorption begins, facial fullness is reduced and fat from the upper face descends, causing the face to look saggy.
The cumulative effects of volume loss and fat redistribution are dark circles, hollow temples, sunken eye sockets, flattened cheeks, reduced lip size, and noticeable wrinkling. As the lower face ages, the lines between the nose and mouth (nasolabial lines) deepen, jowling becomes more prominent, and the chin recedes or gets more “pointy.” All of these problems can be corrected with the JLyft, our “treat to complete” Non-Surgical Face Lift.
The JLyft: The Simple Solution to Facial Rejuvenation

The two major families of dermal fillers, Restylane and Juvederm, have introduced newer varieties of filler that differ in density, malleability, cross-linkages, molecular size mix and firmness. This allows the Master Provider to create a bespoke experience based on several factors, such as how the face is changing, bone structure, skin thickness, texture, heaviness, and location. The Provider even considers genetics, weight fluctuation over time, and the effects of any disease process that impacts the face when plotting out your JLyft.

“The J-Lyft is a comprehensive procedure that simultaneously addresses the signs of aging in multiple areas of the face using the appropriate dermal fillers to augment and balance facial features and contours. It is easier to achieve natural-looking results and more cost-effective when done in a single visit, in contrast to multiple visits.

With the JLyft package, the Provider can now achieve optimal aesthetic results without the client worrying about which augmentation procedure to book, in what sequence, and how much it costs.” – Dr. Justin Harper, Juvly CEO

How does a Non Surgical Facelift work?
When we are young, our facial features are defined, well contoured, and the face is top-heavy and bottom light. This is described as the triangle of youth. The bones in our face provide the foundation for our muscle, fat-pads, and skin. This bone structure gives us our unique facial shape and contour. A youthful bone structure has full and high cheeks, defined brow bones, and less sunken eye areas.

With time, the triangle of youth becomes inverted. You actually start to lose around 5-10 ml of volume from your facial area every decade after age 30! So if you fear that the JLyft is too much, rest assured that reversing the pyramid of aging back to the triangle of youth with a total volume of 3 – 5 ml. (barely a teaspoon) won’t leave you looking overdone.

During your appointment, your Master Provider will come up with a treatment plan while considering your facial structure, genetics, and aging processes to create your own custom JLyft! We offer both the mini JLyft and the full JLyft – a full non-surgical facelift that can make you look a decade younger and stave off or totally eliminate the need for surgery.
During your appointment, your Master Provider will come up with a treatment plan while considering your facial structure, genetics, and aging processes to create your own custom JLyft! We offer both the the mini JLyft and the full JLyft. It’s a full facelift without surgery!! Combined, your “JLyft” Liquid Facelift can eliminate the need for invasive surgeries and make you look decades younger!
What's the difference between a Mini JLyft and a regular JLyft?

The Mini JLyft includes 3 syringes of Lyft, while the full JLyft includes as many syringes of Lyft as you need, up to 5! It’s a full facelift without surgery!

Can I include a Liquid Nose Job with my JLyft?

No, this treatment package is designed to target volume loss in the face and a Liquid Nose Job will be a separate procedure from this package.

Can I combine my membership discount with the JLyft?

The already amazing savings of the JLyft cannot be combined with Membership pricing.

Will I have more swelling because of so much filler being used?

Hyaluronic Acid filler is biocompatible, meaning that your body will usually not react adversely to it. Allergic reactions and side-effects are extremely rare, with the most common being minimal bruising and swelling. This is normal and expected.

Many of our clients go right back to their plans after getting this procedure! This is far better than the downtime expected with a traditional surgical face lift. There are no cuts or incisions with this procedure, so healing will be much easier for you!

Can I split this up into multiple treatments?

No, the full treatment must be completed in one appointment. Any unused product cannot be saved for next time. Your appointment duration will be around 1hr 30 minutes.

How much better is a JLyft compared to a regular filler treatment?
We developed the JLyft treatment specifically to empower our Master Providers to provide the best, most beautiful results without requiring you to determine how much filler you need to purchase in advance. Simply visit the office and determine how much of a result you want by going with the standard or mini treatment – it’s that easy, and the results will be that great!

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