Restylane Lyft is a favorite for restoring volume to the cheeks as well as an ideal product to soften deep lines and folds. With the advances made to the Restylane Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, Restylane Lyft offers beautiful, instant results with amazing flexibility and long-lasting results. Restylane Lyft® is a beloved product for both aesthetic clients and practitioners because its gel formula offers amazing flexibility and staying power.
Voluma® is the most robust of Juvederm’s hyaluronic acid filler product suite, created with Allergan’s cutting-edge Vycross Technology. The new Vycross technology addresses the limitations of older products, so there is better moldability after injection, minimal gel swelling and longer duration.
Like all of the Juvederm dermal-fillers, Voluma® is a clear, modified hyaluronic acid formula designed to correct age-related volume loss and asymmetries in the cheeks. Because it is denser and has more cross linkages, it is perfect for procedures that require a firmer product, such as cheek filling, chin augmentation, and liquid nose job.
1 year +
Target Areas
Cheeks, Chin, Nose
Estimated Price
Juvederm Voluma® replaces volume, contours, and lifts saggy areas when injected into strategic parts of the face. By absorbing water it simultaneously addresses decreased collagen formation, fat loss, bone resorption, and the effects of gravity. Doing so not only restores youthful contours but also diminishes “jowliness.” By plumping-up and lifting the cheeks, it softens both the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, and for a more refreshed look that looks and feels natural. Though too dense to be injected into the tear troughs, it is used to build up the cheek area and offer support to the undereye ligaments.
Juvederm Voluma® is often compared to Restylane Lyft, a filler that is similarly popular for cheek augmentation. Juvederm Voluma® is a softer and more malleable product and is indicated to last 24 months, whereas Restylane Lyft is indicated to last for a shorter duration. However, in our practice at Juvly, these two products seem to have comparable longevity and we recommend them to different clients based on their individual goals.

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