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Juvederm Ultra Plus is our most voluminous lip product. If you have very thin lips, if you believe “bigger is better,” or if you are just looking for more pouty or plump lips, then this filler is the perfect fit for your lip injection!
What is Juvederm Ultra Plus?

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC stands out as one of the lip fillers that provides the most volume. Clear, with gel-like consistency, – it is denser than Juvederm Ultra, but not as thick as Juvederm Voluma or Restylane Lyft. If volume loss is your problem, this filler is a great solution!

Almost all fillers for lip injections (like Juvederm Ultra Plus and Juvederm Ultra) are made of modified hyaluronic acid, a substance already present in all tissues. HA is naturally synthesized in the body and is a lubricant that delivers moisture and nutrients to the cells. It also provides structure and volume, making it perfect for lip augmentation.

Think of it as a smooth gel (XC injectaible gel) that is moldable and solidifies into a “pillowy cushion” that feels as natural as it looks. Even for those with thin lips, we usually start with one syringe and add more after 1 month, if needed.

1 year +
Treatment Time
45 minutes
Target Areas
Estimated Price
What can I expect during my treatment?
The whole lip injection procedure takes less than an hour and is painless. Topical lidocaine is applied – or if you prefer, you can have a light dental block. Juvederm Ultra Plus itself contains a small amount of lidocaine, making it a comfortable experience even for patients who are wary of needles.
This treatment can be done during your lunch break and you can go straight back to work with fuller lips without any downtime. To minimize the possibility of bruising, a cannula can be used instead of a needle.
Is Juvederm Ultra Plus right for you?
Juvederm Ultra Plus is perfect lip filler for clients who are born with thin lips or are concerned with losing more volume over the years. It can provide structure, correct proportions, and define contours. In addition to giving substantial fullness to the lips, it can improve the lines around the mouth by giving the lip more volume and is perfect for those with fast metabolism.
How soon will I see results?
With Juvederm Ultra Plus, or any lip filler, the results are immediate. You will have a certain amount of swelling and possible bruising for the first week to ten days. After the swelling has subsided, your new lips will be more plump, full, and younger-looking. One vial can last 9-12 months. Results and longevity may vary.

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