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Introducing Under Eye Filler at Juvly Aesthetics

Dark circles and wrinkles are signs of aging that bother us the most. Genetics, sun damage, and allergies can cause these problems, as well as redness, puffiness, and fine lines to appear sooner. For most, not even the best anti-aging creams can erase the bulging and rings that appear on the thinned-out tear trough. Fortunately, expertly placed under-eye fillers can instantly rejuvenate the face and prevent any need for surgery.

What is Under Eye Filler?
At Juvly, our Master Providers create a bespoke treatment plan depending on the client’s unique needs. For those with significant hollowing or descent of facial fat, the rim of the cheek is first strengthened with a more robust filler made of hyaluronic acid. Our Providers place Juvederm Voluma or Restylane Lyft via cannula technique to build up the cheek. When the ligament is adequately supported, Restylane L is then placed in the undereye to smoothen the area and camouflage hollows. For clients in their 20s, a single syringe of Restylane L may be enough. For those with significant volume loss on the upper cheek, a combination of two types of fillers in adequate amounts produce the best results. This process takes less than an hour and leaves you looking more refreshed and rested. Beautiful results take years off your face almost immediately — something that will improve as the products settles after a week or so.
By treating the slack, overlying skin before moving in with softer fillers, we can use less product and prevent the overfilled look. This is why we recommend Microneedling to thicken and stretch the skin in clients who present with loose under-eye skin.
Expectations and Post-treatment Care
As in the case of other dermal filler augmentation, the results you see post-treatment are basically how it will look in the coming months. Potential side effects like bruising and swelling are normal and will subside on their own. To maintain results, we suggest a follow-up within a month following the treatment. Juvly carries a line of anti-aging and brightening products that are perfect for keeping the thin under-eye skin hydrated and smooth.
“We choose fillers with great care. The correct placement and sequence can achieve a relaxed look. The eyes look instantly younger and brighter! All these are achieved without the risks and downtime of traditional surgery. Under fillers are indicated to last for 6-8 months but it is not unusual for patients to come back for a retouch only after 2 years.with just a 10% deficit; making it truly a worthwhile investment since we don’t need to start over from scratch!” — Dr. Justin Harper, M.D.
Versatile dermal fillers answer the needs for volume and structure with beautiful and natural-looking results that erase signs of aging almost instantly! While every client is different, our Master Providers have been trained to evaluate each client’s unique traits. Such as degree of volume loss to determine the best filler possible to treat your undereyes.
We have a wide selection of fillers to choose from, which means you will get the best results possible! It’s best to speak with a Master Provider to determine which undereye filler would be best for you!
Restylane Refyne
Restylane L is an advanced HA (Hyaluronic Acid) gel filler with lidocaine that is approved for use in moderate to severe facial wrinkles. Specifically, Restylane L helps to support improvement for lines, folds, and areas of volume loss under the eye.
Juvederm Voluma
Restylane L is an advanced HA (Hyaluronic Acid) gel filler with lidocaine that is approved for use in moderate to severe facial wrinkles. Specifically, Restylane L helps to support improvement for lines, folds, and areas of volume loss under the eye.

Your Master Provider may suggest a treatment plan that includes strengthening the upper cheek, improving skin condition, and filling of the tear trough for the best cosmetic result. At Juvly, we favor using the cannula, a long, blunt-tipped and flexible needle. There is only one entry point so trauma is minimized. It is generally considered safer than the traditional sharp technique because it “slides” over arteries, veins and nerves, lessening the chances of injury. The procedure is comfortable but every time the skin is breached by needle or cannula to introduce fillers, there is a possibility to bruise, bleed or swell. Recovery varies but typically, there is minimal downtime. For best results follow our pre and post-treatment instructions and plan your treatment to allow for several days or more of potential swelling, tenderness, and bruising.

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