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Our Photofacial is the gentlest of the laser treatments we offer, using pulses of either IPL or BBL to reverse signs of aging by altering your skin at the cellular level. These are typically used to treat skin discoloration, acne, and even vascular lesions including rosacea.

What is it?
Our Photofacial treatment uses pulses of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to reverse signs of aging by altering your skin at the cellular level. Photo Facials are relatively painless, by creating a feeling similar to a snapping rubber band. This treatment has been FDA approved since the 1990’s to zap away imperfections. It is also considered one of the most effective non-invasive rejuvenating treatments for aging skin. Photofacials are typically used to treat minor imperfections such as skin discoloration, sun damage, brown spots, acne scars, and even vascular lesions including rosacea!
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How does a Photofacial work?
Over time, due to aging and other factors, the layers of your skin weaken and can appear thin, wrinkled, rough & blemished. Photofacials address imperfections in a safe and gentle manner, with results that improve over time as the skin thickens and becomes healthier.
When pulses of light are directed over the skin it will reach deeper layers of the skin, which repairs damage and prevents future signs of aging. This is sloughing off the superficial layer of the skin to reveal younger cells, stimulation of collagen growth responsible for creating structure, and rejuvenation of the genes of the affected skin! After only 3-4 photo facials per year, your skin cells begin to act like younger versions of themselves.
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Who is a good candidate for IPL?
Anyone looking to improve signs of aging. By treating a slightly deeper layer of the skin, IPL Photofacials stimulate collagen growth by simulating minor dermal injuries, thereby helping to improve skin texture. The treatment can also help repair small blood vessels that have become visible or help eradicate sunspots or other pigmentation irregularities. Photofacials have lasting effects in helping reduce the signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots.
What to Expect?
With most facial treatments, they’re time-consuming and have downtime. With Photofacial treatments, each procedure can take around 30 minutes and can easily fit into your busy day! Bruising, redness and swelling are common and resolve with time. The other great benefit of IPL treatments is that you can go right back to whatever you were doing before the procedure, as there is no downtime to follow. No need to miss work or have to skip on picking the kids up after school!
When will I see results?

After one facial, you should expect to see and feel smoother skin. Age spots initially become darker and then move to the skin’s surface where they fall away as part of the skin’s natural exfoliation process. Skin and pores feel and look tighter, while fine lines and wrinkles slowly decrease in size. For maximum benefit, you should follow the regimen and treatment plan prescribed to you by your Master Provider at Juvly.

Most Juvly Clients tend to start on the facial area but once they start to see the results, they tend to travel to other problem areas. These include skin like the neck, shoulders, and chest! With IPL treatments anywhere that you have skin or skin problems is an area that Photofacials fix.

We have a few different laser options for your Photofacial needs. A completely free Juvly Facial Assessment is the BEST way to determine the type of laser, treatment settings, and cost to make your beauty goals a reality!

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