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Skin Resurfacing

Brighten, Tighten, Smooth, and Lift! What more could you want?
Laser Skin Resurfacing is an amazing way to renew, revitalize, and refresh your skin. Facial skin is made up of three layers: the outer epidermis with hardened cells which can dull the complexion, the highly vascularized and collagen-rich dermis, and the fatty subcutaneous layer. Over time due to aging and other factors the outer layers of your skin weaken and can appear thin, wrinkled, rough & blemished. Laser resurfacing treatments address these imperfections in a safe and gentle manner, with results that improve over time as the skin thickens and becomes healthier!

When it comes to laser skin resurfacing treatments for your face, we have a few different options to choose from here at Juvly! You can opt for the Photofacial, the PhotoFractional, the ResurFx treatments! But you may be wondering – what’s the difference between them? The main difference is the varied intensity of the treatments, and what they can be used to treat.


Our Photofacial is the gentlest of the treatments, using pulses of either IPL or BBL to reverse signs of aging by altering your skin at the cellular level. These are typically used to treat skin discoloration, acne, and even vascular lesions including rosacea.

Our PhotoFractional treatment is actually the combination of both our Photofacial and ResurFX technologies in one! By using both IPL and ResurFX technologies, both skin pigmentation and texture can be treated in the same session!
Our ResurFx skin resurfacing laser will go deeper than a traditional Photofacial and is best focused on deeper wrinkles, acne scarring and sun damage. Increasing collagen production results in firmer, plumper skin, as well as a more even skin tone and texture.
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