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The term “PhotoFractional” actually refers to the combination of both our Photofacial and ResurFx technologies. The IPL Intense Pulsed Light is applied first to remove pigmentation as well as age, sun and brown spots while stimulating collagen production, and then the ResurFx fractionated laser is used to treat fine lines and even out skin tone and texture. By using both IPL and ResurFx technologies, both skin pigmentation and texture can be treated in the same session!
Who is a good candidate?
This treatment goes into the deeper layers of the skin providing the most effective results of the three options. A good candidate is someone who is having issues with both skin pigmentation and texture.
PhotoFractional treatments remove the effects of aging and pigmentation while resurfacing the skin’s tone and texture. It prompts the growth of new skin cells, providing tighter skin and an overall fresh, more youthful appearance utilizing the body’s natural healing process!
How does PhotoFractional work?
The PhotoFractional uses a 1565 nm fiber laser and a very advanced scanner, which allows us to choose from more than 600 combinations for optimal treatment. It is a complicated system with many settings and customization, but that’s what makes it amazing! With the combined power of both lasers and specific settings, we are able to really tailor your experience to help you get amazing results, in a shorter time – meaning less cost and time spent in the treatment chair!
3 months
Target Areas
Estimated Price
Are there any side effects?
While this is the deepest laser treatment we offer, the side effects are minimal. Swelling and redness for 24-48 hours are the most you’ll see as a side effect. After one facial, clients should expect to see and feel smoother skin. Age spots initially become darker and then move to the skin’s surface where they fall away as part of the skin’s natural exfoliation process. Skin and pores feel and look tighter, while fine lines and wrinkles slowly decrease in size.
What issues does the PhotoFractional address?

Separately, both the ResurFx and the IPL Photofacial are fantastic skin treatments that can truly change your skin for the better. Over time, due to aging and other factors, the layers of your skin weaken and can appear thin, wrinkled, rough & blemished. Our laser treatments can address these issues beautifully! When it comes to laser treatments for your face, we have a few different options to choose from here at Juvly, and it can be confusing. We’re here to help! Book your completely free Juvly Facial Assessment now with a Master Provider to determine the type of laser, treatment settings, and cost to make your beauty goals a reality!

We have a few different laser options for your PhotoFractional needs. A completely free Juvly Facial Assessment is the BEST way to determine the type of laser, treatment settings, and cost to make your beauty goals a reality!

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