Reduce Hair

Tired of shaving and tweezing and battling ingrown hairs? Laser Hair Removal at Juvly Aesthetics invites you to toss your razor in the garbage – permanently!
We want to keep you swimsuit-ready all year long! Whether you want to rid your body of unwanted hair or prolong the growth process, we want to take care of you!
What is Laser Hair Removal?
Laser Hair Removal utilizes Cutera Excel HR Laser, which is an innovative light-based technology that utilizes pulses of light energy to gently penetrate into the skin and specifically target and disable unwanted hair growth.
Call 614-500-7000 for booking assistance. It is not available for online booking.
How many treatments are needed?

Laser Hair Removal is required in a series of treatments, scheduled 6-12 weeks apart, depending upon the area being treated. 6-10 sessions with a member of our expert team are recommended to achieve an 80-90% hair reduction. We follow the growth cycle of hair and are able to reduce hair in its initial growth stage (anagen) at the time of treatment.

Most common areas treated?
The most common treatment areas include the face, chin, underarms, bikini, legs, and back. Our technologies are safe for clients with lighter skin tone and address brown and black hair. Treatment results can be noticed within just a few weeks following a session, with increasing reduction through the course of your treatment series.

Waxing is a great and cost-effective alternative to Laser Hair Removal, Epilation, Shaving or Tweezing. Not only does waxing remove hair, but it’s a physical exfoliation that removes dead surface skin cells, which means you’re receiving hair removal and skincare all in one.

Laser Hair Reduction
Laser Hair Removal works by targeting the dark pigment of a hair follicle. The hair absorbs the energy of the laser, and the follicle is disabled from growing hair effectively again which means that the best candidates for laser hair reduction have hair that is medium to dark in color. We offer LHR (laser hair reduction/removal) but this service is not available for online booking. Please call 614-500-7000 for booking assistance.

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