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Simple Remedies for Undereye Bags

Undereye bags, and general eye puffiness, is caused by a variety of factors. Genetics play a role – thanks, parents! – but so, for example, do your allergies. Your diet may also be a contributing factor, particularly when you’ve been eating a lot of salty foods. Undereye puffiness can also be caused by sleep deprivation, age, or having a cry-fest late into the night. We’ve been there!

The simplest remedies for these problems are basically to get a good night’s sleep, eat less salt, and maybe take some allergy medication. Of course, sleeping more and eating better is way easier said than done. And what if these remedies simply don’t work for you? Maybe your eye bags have been passed on to you by your parents, or maybe you’re simply at the age when your facial skin loosens up a little bit and your eyes get the worst of it.

The good news is that there are many over-the-counter remedies to solve your undereye baggage issues. Some of these can be bought at the corner store, while some involve a little bit of preparation on your part.

Here are the simplest over-the-counter remedies for eye bags:


Eye masks #

You may have seen these on Instagram or in the drug store – they’re shaped like commas and tend to have a sticky texture. Many of these contain some of our favorite ingredients for your skin: hyaluronic acid, peptides, retinol, and collagen. Eye masks generally come in two formats – an undereye patch or a loose mask applied by hand – but we love both!


Eye cream #

This is the most well-known and widely used remedy for undereye baggage. You’re looking for a cream that is specifically designed to reduce any eye puffiness or dark circles.

The golden ticket ingredients are vitamin C, which brightens the skin, caffeine, which constricts the blood vessels around the eyes and leads to less fluid buildup, and aloe or green tea to soothe and cool the skin.


Miscellaneous home remedies #

Sleep on your back – it reduces the migration of fluids and fats to the less-desirable areas of the face, like the under eyes. Get a jade roller, store it in the freezer, and give your face a soothing once-over in the morning to reduce inflammation and promote blood circulation. Put black tea bags on your eyes, because like caffeine, the tannins in black tea promote the constriction of blood vessels and body tissues.

If black tea isn’t your thing, try cucumbers instead, or use a cold press! Or take a yoga class – it subtly strengthens the facial muscles and encourages blood circulation to the face.

There are many different over-the-counter remedies for undereye baggage. Make some lifestyle changes, switch up your morning routine, or treat yourself and buy a cream or mask. And, as always, eat more kale, stay hydrated, and wear sunscreen!

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