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Banish Marionette, Lipstick, and Smoker’s Lines


When we think of facial lines that can be smoothed by cosmetic procedures, most of us automatically think of forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. However, there is another type of facial wrinkle that can make us look decades older, more tired, and meaner than we are: lines around the nose and mouth.

There are three basic wrinkle types in this area of the face: nasolabial folds, which run vertically from the nose to the corner of the mouth; marionette lines, which run from the corner of the mouth down to the chin; and smoker’s lines, which radiate out from around the lips.

Even when you’re in an upbeat mood, these lines can give your face a puckered, disapproving appearance. Not to mention that they can make your lipstick bleed out onto your skin – not fun!

At Juvly, we’ve noticed that some clients come in to treat their forehead and eye wrinkles with Botox only to realize that untreated nose and mouth lines were betraying their real age. Even young people can suffer from wrinkles like these, though. They can be caused by genetic factors, unprotected sun exposure, sudden weight loss, lifestyle choices, and use of facial expressions that predispose to developing creases.


What happens over time to make these lines worse? #

1. A decreased rate of the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid thins out the skin and makes it less plump and elastic. Loss of hyaluronic acid drastically reduces volume and increases chances of wrinkling. Since the skin doesn’t bounce back as easily, the wrinkles “set” permanently into the face.

2. Gradual bone and fat loss causes the skin to sag. When this happens in the cheek or midface areas, the nasolabial folds, marionette lines and smoker’s lines are accentuated, making the face look gaunt.


How can I treat these wrinkles? #

1. Injectables, such as wrinkle relaxer neurotoxins, hyaluronic acid lip fillers, and Poly-L-Lactic Acid temple filler. Two types of injectables can be “layered” to achieve a more natural-looking and longer-lasting result; for instance, injecting a combination of Voluma and Sculptra into the area adjacent to the wrinkles can lift and add structure to the entire area.

2. Resurfacing treatments, which improve the texture of the skin, correct uneven skin tone and diminish blemishes. These treatments include chemical peelslaser treatments, and microneedling.

3. At-home skincare using the right products, which contain ingredients such as Vitamin C, retinoic acid and glycolic acid. These ingredients improve skin texture and do wonders to prevent new wrinkles from forming. Wearing sunblock, hydrating, exfoliating and moisturizing can also help prevent these lines from forming down the line!