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Enhance those lips with Juvederm Ultra!
The eyes are the windows to the soul but it’s the lips can easily betray your age unwittingly. Plump, smooth and well-defined lips are the hallmarks of youth – something that those with thinned-out, downturned lips can achieve with just one vial of Juvederm Ultra XC.
Lip injections are a safe and simple procedure that only takes minutes to perform, erasing years instantly since the results are immediately visible.

Juvederm Ultra XC is a lip filler made by Allergan and is one of the most popular hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers and is FDA-approved for lip augmentation and smoothing of the perioral lines.

1 year +
Recovery Time
Treatment Time
45 minutes
Target Areas
Estimated Price
What is Juvederm Ultra?
Juvederm Ultra XC is transparent with a gel-like consistency. Just like our hyaluronic acid, it is a humectant which retains water and delivers nutrients; helping lips to remain full, supple, smooth, and hydrated.
The thought of needles is cringe-worthy to most, but Juvederm Ultra XC has lidocaine, which on top of topical anesthesia makes the procedure more comfortable.
Lip Injection Goals
Juvederm Ultra XC is a versatile filler perfect for those who desire more fullness without the downtime and complications of surgery.
It is also ideal for those who want to reshape the contours of their lips, define the Cupid’s bow, lift the commissures or correct asymmetry for lip injections.
Results look and feel natural; lasting for up to a year before hyaluronic gradually and naturally metabolize in the body. Usually, one syringe is enough per appointment.
Once treated in several points, the lips are gently massaged to “sculpt” the filler. The results are instant, and the filler will set within a few hours. Lips will look immediately fuller and smoother.
There is no downtime, but minor bruising, redness and swelling can be expected – residual lumpiness and swelling resolve after a week. In general, effects last between 7 months up to a year, depending on one’s metabolism.
Clients often feel that they need more after the initial swelling is gone. Building up, especially for those with naturally thin lips is best achieved by injecting one syringe per month, rather than injecting multiple syringes per appointment.
While most popular among clients who have lost lip volume over the years, younger clients who want to look their best and boost their confidence will love their results as much!

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