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Restylane Silk is a popular choice for lip injections if you want a filler that gives you a beautiful, natural-looking smile without looking overly-inflated. It is a gel filler made of HA or hyaluronic acid, a sugar-acid that the human body naturally produces.
Clients who have tried other products claim that Restylane Silk produced smoother results and less swelling.
Up to 1 year
Recovery Time
3 days; slight swelling for 2 weeks
Treatment Time
50 minutes
Target Areas
Estimated Price
Lip Injections using Restylane Silk
Currently, wide, full lips are considered attractive. However, aging causes the fleshy portion to lose volume, the lip outlines to flatten, lines to develop, and the corners to droop. Because of these changes, even those born with luscious lips find it challenging to maintain their “Golden Ratio” of 1: 1.6. It’s a universally-held standard of beauty which is nothing more than the upper lip to lower lip ratio – something achievable with non-surgical augmentation using fillers. At Juvly, we avoid outrageous proportions (and the infamous duck-lips) by the harmony and the balance of facial features as the ultimate guide when injecting lip fillers.
Restylane Silk is ideal for those with thinning skin and delicate lip tissues. It can:
What to expect?
Injections are practically painless, even when using just topical anesthesia. Restylane Silk settles quickly and is not as lumpy than other fillers. Lips may feel stiff for a week or two but this wears off, and your lips will soon feel as natural as they look. Results can last six months or more. Typically, one vial is used, but since bodies metabolize at different rates, a touch-up may be required.
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