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When trying to burn fat, sometimes an extra boost of essential B12 vitamins and other natural substances can help optimize your weight loss program. At Juvly, we offer a weight loss solution, B12 Energy Shots also known as “fat burning shots”. These lipotropic B12 shots make the process of weight loss a little easier through the use of nutrients and vitamins that are known to attack and reduce unwanted fat.
Does it Hurt?
No, it’s incredibly quick and painless! Like any injection, there can be a little soreness or redness around the injection site. This should ease within a few hours or a day or so. Clients often find this to only be mildly uncomfortable, not painful at all.
Is B12 Safe?
The ingredients in these injectable treatments are found naturally in the body, significantly decreasing the risk of adverse reactions. Based on your individual condition, our Master Providers will deliver appropriate dosages under specific medical guidelines. This ensures professional, effective results.
As with all injectable treatments, slight bruising, swelling, and redness is common at injection. This should subside a day or so after treatment. A less invasive, more natural approach to weight loss, B12 Energy Shots are quick and have no downtime.

If you have any more questions we definitely suggest you book a Free Juvly Consultation with one of our Master Providers today!

How do Energy Shots Work?
Vitamin B12 helps to speed up the metabolism and boost energy. This will help you lose weight more effectively and maintain your stamina to stay motivated during your weight loss journey.
The B12 Energy Shot does exactly that – help you burn fat while the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids help deliver essential nutrients to your body. This is especially helpful since you will not be getting in significant amounts while you’re dieting.

Energy Shots are the most direct way to get nutrients to the cells, as some of the benefits of are lost through digestion or through vitamins in capsule or pill form. Through weekly treatments at our Juvly locations, your body is not only optimized for weight loss but also able to maintain the increased energy levels and fat burning abilities!

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